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Booth No.:D86 of Hall 4,2F
Date:February 20th-23rd 2019
Address: Poly World Trade Centre, No. 1000 Xingangdonglu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China  510335
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Company News

  • 09-15
    SIGN CHINA 2018------CNC Foam Cutter

    SIGN CHINA is a one-stop platform for the global sign community to source the latest model of inkjet printer, laser engraver, light box, traditional signage, digital signage, advertising display, LED illuminant, LED display, testing device and control system. International buyers and industry profes Read More »

  • 06-27
    Bench Mounted Hot knife

    Bench Mounted Hot knife is designed to be mounted on a desk or work bench.It can cut through ropes and braided sleeving quickly,and fit for industrial use. It is very fast and economical method to cut and seal in one operation. There are no needs to regrinding of knife or insulation tape to tie or s Read More »

  • 06-27

    Hot Stapler Repair KitThis tool is design for plastic welding. Its reparability is strong and flexible and Expensive plastic parts can be saved. With 5 different staple types it can be used for different plastic parts cracks.Its features as following:Features:-The ideal way to repair most modern pro Read More »

  • 06-27
    The electric knife

    The use of electric energy fever to achieve the cutting of the hand tool, divided into: a relatively simple is installed in the knife inside the electric wire, power after the fever, the advantages of this electric knife is cheap, low cost, simple structure. The disadvantage is that the blade is rel Read More »

  • 06-27
    CNC Foam Cutter

    Foam cutting machine: is a very practical model, suitable for a variety of sizes cutting, is suitable for wide Large users can choose a variety of uses and functions of CNC foam cutting machine. CNC foam cutting machine with double-line cutting characteristics(Can be equipped with two electric wire) Read More »

  • 06-27
    Electric riveter

    Electric riveter is used for all kinds of metal sheet, pipe and other manufacturing industry, fastening riveting, is currently widely used in the automotive, aviation, railway, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decoration and other mechanical and electrical products on the Read More »

  • 06-27
    How to cut Sofa Foam Rubber material

    How to cut the foam rubber material?In the past most people will choose the simple utility knife to make the repeated swipes.The work is really time-consuming, messy and inaccurate,especially for doing the curves.The cutting process is too painful.Fortunately Foam Rubber Saw has been developed and s Read More »

  • 06-27
    Hot Wire Foam Cutter

    A Hot Wire Foam Cutter is a electrical heating cutter designed to cut or deal with polystyrene / styrofoam (EPS, XPS) foams and similar insulating materials. The tool consists of a thin & tight hot wire which usually made of NiChrome and it is like a resistance that can be exothermicity and the temp Read More »

  • 06-27
    Cordless Reciprocating Saw

    Cordless Reciprocating Saw here is powered by Li-ion battery, it is very convenient to use. Normal reciprocating saw are powered by gasoline engine, gasoline one is too heavy and has noise, also the gasoline engine saw burn gasoline and make air pollution. Another item is cable one, it is limited b Read More »

  • 06-27
    Cordless Hot Wire Bow Cutter (Battery bow cutter)

    Cordless Hot Wire Bow Cutter (Battery bow cutter)here is a big size bow cutter for cutting EPS foam block with Li-ion battery, the bow is fixed with 1400mm hot wire, with button power switch user can control hot wire temperature by pressing / releasing the button. The battery has protection function Read More »

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