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How to cut Sofa Foam Rubber material

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How to cut the foam rubber material?In the past most people will choose the simple utility knife to make the repeated swipes.The work is really time-consuming, messy and inaccurate,especially for doing the curves.The cutting process is too painful.Fortunately Foam Rubber Saw has been developed and solves the foam cutting issue.

At present there are mainly two kinds of Foam Rubber Saw.One Foam Rubber Saw is a single blade foam saw that cuts foam up to 7.5 inches thick. The foot plate rolls on the cutting table for easy handling and is removable for free hand cutting.It is not an industrial Foam Saw and more suitable for hobby and DIY applications.It is mainly for medium density foams.

For high density foams,there is another Foam Rubber Saw with dual saw blades, one stationery and one moving.It can cut foam from 8 to 12 inches thick.Comfortable Handle Makes Foam Cutting Easier, Dual Foam Rubber Cutter Blades with One Moving Assures Smooth, AccurateFoam Cuts, Detachable Base with Glide Rollers can prevent friction. Variable Speed Control Foam Cutting Blades.

Recently we have developed a cordless Foam Rubber Saw. Thanks to its DC design, it can be used without AC power cord. Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery as power supply,a moveable power supply.The innovative design gives the end users a better Convenience and experience.

Hint: When cutting 1" or less foam make a little cut with your shears to keepthe foam from pushing against the blade as you start out.

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