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Hot Stapler Repair Kit

This tool is design for plastic welding. Its reparability is strong and flexible and Expensive plastic parts can be saved. With 5 different staple types it can be used for different plastic parts cracks.

Its features as following:


-The ideal way to repair most modern products which are made of plastic. 

-Quick and easy operation. 

-No training required. Learn to use in seconds. 

-Staples weld into the plastic quick and easily.

-Repairs at least 98% of the plastics on the market.

-Work with M-shaped staple, V-shaped staple, wave staple and flat staple

-Perfect for repairing: cracked bumpers, head lights, plastic wings and much more other plastic products.

Our tool has following 4 functions in detail. 

1.Plastic Welding (No staples) like filling welding, hole repair and eliminating cracks.

2.Staple implantation with different types of staples, it can repair horizontal, vertical, long and short cracks

3.Hot screeding

Fast screeding the plastic to increase the strength

4.Thermal Cutting

It can be used for cutting plastic rope, nylon ropes or sealing PVC.

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Contact Us

  18915899329
  +86-519-83816682
  +86-519-85962311
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