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The electric knife

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Electric knife is the use of electric energy to achieve the cutting of the hand-held knife, divided into:A relatively simple is installed in the knife inside the electric wire, power after the fever, the advantages of this electric knife is cheap, low cost, simple structure.

The other is the use of the resistance of the blade, through the high current to achieve the heat of the hand-held electric knife, this electric knife warm-up time is very short, as long as a few seconds to achieve the red blade state, high efficiency.

Reaching cutting temperature in as little as 10 seconds, the electric knife cutting system slides through hard foam with little resistance. It's easy to manoeuvre, making it possible to cut freehand shapes or to easily follow a guide. It's ideal for construction work, as it's easy to cut pieces to fit, whether you're trimming a tile or shaping an outlet point. 


Cutting machine features:

electronic circuit board power hot knife; variable power control thermal cutting; light heat knife foam cutting machine; hot knife heating as long as two seconds; high quality bronzing blade

Cutting the use of electric knife range: polystyrene EPS foam and polystyrene XPS foam. Can also be used in conjunction with slotted knife openings.

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