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Canty 3" Blade for Cutting EPE, EPS, XPS

To cut EPE, EPS with ease and no dust.
  • NO.1.2.75

  • Canty

Sold Individually

Recommended units to using this blade: KD-5, DC100

Total length of the blade: 95 mm

Blade thickness: 0.8 mm

Max. blade temperature: 400

Max. cutting thickness75 mm

Recommended cutting material: EPE, EPS, XPS

Important hints: We do recommend wearing a breathing filter mask while cutting any type of material with Canty equipment. Don't touch hot blade when working.

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Contact Us

  13961292672
  +86-519-85962300
  +86-519-85962311
  canty@hot-knife.cn
     Kaiser Str. 5, 40479 Dusseldorf


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