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KD-NF1415 Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter 3D CNC Foam Cutting machine

Cutting of EPS,XPS and EPP material. Sturdy steel frame and Aluminium table targets the commercial production.
  • KD-NF1415

  • Canty

  • 230V/50Hz  110V/60Hz 


  1. KD-NF Series CNC Foam Cutting Machine can cut EPS/XPS/EPP material.

  2. Custom-made Titanium Wire lasts 5-6 times longer than NiCr wire and is much more stretch resistant at high temperatures.

  3. It will work on any Windows PC with network connection.

  4. Type of drive is spindle which is durable and accurate.

  5. Four independent axes as standard, while turn tables extend the machine by a 5th axis.

  6. High Performance, sturdy steel frame and aluminum table targets the commercial production.

  7. Thanks to the wheels, the machine can be moved wherever you want.

  8. Widely used in the following industry:

       1) Sloped roofs and roof ridge turrets and formwork.

       2) Stucco and crown molding, pillars and columns;

       3) Letters, numbers, lettering and logos;

       4) Backdrops for themes, movie or theater and many morefb2cca25-208f-40ce-aded-65e54592a7d2

Technical Data

Model No. KD-NF1415 KD-NF1422 KD-NF1430 KD-NF2030
X-Axis(1) 1450 mm 2150 mm 3050 mm 3050 mm
Y-Axis(2) 1250 mm 1250 mm 1550 mm 1550 mm
Wire Length(3) 1370 mm
1370 mm 1370 mm 2000 mm
Power Input 1000 W 1000 W 1000 W 1000 W
Max. working size (L*W*H)    mm


2150*1370*1280 3050*1370*1600 3050*2100*1600
N.W. 200 Kgs 240 Kgs
290 Kgs 320 Kgs

(1) Track distance forward/backward

(2) Track distance up/down

(3) Maximum wire length

Basic Kit Include: 

1 * CNC Foam Cutter KD-NF1415      159764538389812027273

1 * Software(Free Updated)

1 * 1 Roll of Titanium Wire 100m

1 * Operating Instructions

Supported Software:  Corel Draw® , AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator,3D Max

Supported Files: DXF, DWG,PLT or STL


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Contact Us

  13961292672
  +86-519-85962300
  +86-519-85962311
  canty@hot-knife.cn
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