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KD-5521 Cordless Battery Insulation Cutter for Mineral Insulating Materials

Universal cutting device for professional use in insulating materials, such as rock wool, mineral wool, glass wool, polyurethane plates and foam rubber etc.
  • KD-5521

  • Canty

Video Description

Products Description

Insulation Cutting Tool KD-5521 04

Application: KD-5521

1. Brushless motor, longer duration.

2. Pure freedom of movement without power cable limit.

3. The vertical wire allows cutting 650 cm long and 275 mm thick.

4. The horizontal wire allows all forms of cutting.

5. Double support surface with inclination option.

6. Brake arm releases your hands to cut perfectly.

7. Wide side supports with both sides adjustable miter angle and scale.

8. Can be pushed together to a compact size and then packed in a convenient case for transportation.

Cutting Materials:

1706596829000 1706596671283

1706596703564 1706596733636 1706596753649

Cutting Shapes:


Technical Data
Model No KD-5521
Max.Cutting Height 650 mm
Max. Thickness 270 mm
Max. Cutting Angle in X-axis Direction X-axis  45 °
Max. Cutting Angle in Y-axis Direction X-axis  45 °
Net Weight (Main Machine): 17.5 kg
Machine Size:  1030/730/185 mm
Motor 18V DC Brushless
Battery 18 V/ 2.0 Ah
Battery Charger Input 100-240 V AC, Output 16.8 V DC/ 1.7 A
Machine Size 1030*730*185 mm
Vibration Frequency 1500 times/min
Basic Kit
1. Insulation Material Wire Cutter KD-5521
2. Power head (1* battery:18V /2.0Ah, 1* charger:21V/2.3A)
3. Wire saw *5
4. Fabric case *1

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  13961292672
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