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SP0401 4V Cordless Rechargeable Foam Cutting Pen

You Can Cut The Form Board Or Foam Block From Any Angle And Craft Into Your Desired Shape, Such As Halloween Costumes, Handmade Practice, Even Model Making Lessons By Kids At School. It Is Also Perfect For Commercial Artwork Development, Complex And Small Font Design In Advertisement (Such As Letters), Art Piece Creation By Hobbyist, Foam Carving, Art Model Making, Diy Craft Projects In Home & School.
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  1. Suitable for commercial artwork development, complex and small font design in advertisement (such as letters) and art piece creation.

  2. Lithium battery design(no cumbersome cable)  is more free and convenient.

  3. 3 tools in 1: cut or engrave foam complete tool set. 

  4. Easily cuts, shapes and sculpts styrofoam smooth and fast.

  5. Heat up quickly, seals edges clean and leaves no debris.

  6. Desktop holder makes precise cuts, adjusts for angle cuts and vertical cuts;

  7. You can cut the foam board or foam block from any angle and craft into your desired shape.

  8. The fully charged battery can support 45 minutes of continuous use.

Technical Data:

Working Voltage
DC 4 V 2000 mAh
Replacement Wire for Bow 10 m
Long Cutting Tip 60 mm
Length of Wire for Bow 80 mm
Diameter of Replacement Wire for Bow Φ 0.28
Max. Temperature of Engraver Tip 400 ℃
Working Time 45-60min
Charging Time 90 min
Net Weight 305 g
Charging Voltage 5 V

Basic Kit:

Cutting Handle*1, Long Cutting Tip*1, Hot Wire Tip*1, 10 m Replacement Wire for Bow*1, Engraver Tip*1, Desktop Holder*1, TYPE-C Charging Cable*1, Black Marker Pen*1, Instruction*1

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