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KD-DC100-0 Air-cooling Cordless Fabric Cutter

Cordless design, continuously Operated Hand-Hold Hot Knife with Air-cooling System.You can cut synthetic fabric anywhere.


KD-DC100-0(18 V)

· Cordless design, continuously Operated Hand-Hold Hot Knife with Air-cooling System.

· You can cut synthetic fibric anywhere.

· Without limit of power supply and power cord. More convenient.

· Temperature up to 350℃ in seconds with temperature adjustable knob.

· Advanced, long-life Li-ion battery with battery indicator.

· Light weight (with battery + blade), only 0.78 Kg.

· Balanced, ergonomically handle and high quality plastic box.

Technical Data: 

Product Model:  KD-DC100-0
Rated Voltage: DC 18 V
Capacity:  18 V / 2.2 Ah Li-ion Battery
Weight with Battery and Blade:  780 g
Packing Size:  36/28/9.5 cm
Battery Charger: Input 100-240 V AC, Output 21 V DC / 1.7 A
Charging Time:  Approx. 90 mins
Continuous Operation

Basic Kit

KD-DC100(18V) Set

1* Cordless KD-DC100-0 Handle

1* Battery pack:18 V/ 2.2 Ah

1* High Quality Plastic Box

1* No. 6.2 Blade

1* Charger

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  13961292672
  +86-519-85962300
  +86-519-85962311
  canty@hot-knife.cn
     Kaiser Str. 5, 40479 Dusseldorf


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