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KD-51E10-137 Hot Wire Foam Cutter for Cutting EPS Foam

For vertical and diagonal cutting of styrofoam material and similar insulating materials.
Widely used in the building and packing industry.
  • KD-51E10-137-33


  • 230V/50Hz  110V/60Hz 


1. This foam cutter is the ideal helper if you want to cut foam for the production of models aircraft designs or props.
2. Made from plywood, this foam cutter is very durable and hard wearing.
3. It is suitable for cutting polystyrene styrofoam and polystyrene hard foam.
4. This foam cutter has a maximum cutting length of 137 cm and a height of 33 cm.
5. Cutting angle can be adjusted from 1° to 90° for more flexibility

Technical Data

Model No.
Max.Cutting Length
1320 mm
Max.Cutting Height
330 mm
Guide Ruler
Left: 800 mm; 0-90º
17.6 kg
Carton Size
1690 x 420 x 160 mm
40 V/200 W/230 V IP54
Thermostat built inside

Basic Kit

1 * Foam Cutting Machine KD-51E10-137-33
1 * Hot Wire
1 * Carton packing

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