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KD-7X Air-cooling Hand-Hold Hot Knife

KD-7X Hot Knife a real professional-grade hot cutting tool for foamed plastics. The KD-7X Hot Knife heats up in seconds and gives the operator temperature control. Never before has working with foamed plastics been this easy, inexpensive and free of mess.
  • KD-7X
  • Canty
  • 230V/50Hz 
  • 320W 


· KD-7X is Continuously Operated Hand-Hold Hot Knife with Air-cooling System,

  mainly for cutting EPS/XPS foam board.

· The temperature can reach up to 500℃ in Seconds.

· KD-7X is 2 Times Faster than all of existing hot knife for cut EPS foam board.

· You can do easy and effortless cutting by adjusting the temperature knob.

Technical Data: 

Input Voltage AC  230 V 50 Hz
Output power:   Max.320 W
Weight 610 g
Length 320 mm
Max.Temperature 500 ℃
Max.Cutting Depth:  250 mm (Standard Kit)
Power Cord Length:   3.0 m
Adjusting Knob:  16 steps
Continuous Operation 

   24 Hours Continuously Operation, Not intermittent   

(Air-cooling Hot Knife with 20cm blade for cutting EPS/XPS)

EPS foam board

XPS foam board

Cutting Length



Foam Thickness



Foam Density



Cutting speed

(Inc.preheating time)

32 seconds

52 seconds

Basic Kit

KD-7X Main body, 250mm Blade, Spanner, Brush, Plastic box packing. 


No.1.2.100 100mm
No.1.2.150 150mm
No.1.2.200 200mm

1     2    3

No.1.2.250 250mm
12” Flat Blade No.9.2

4  5

Adaptor No.5.2
Groover Blade 
No.G20 G27 G34

6                          7

Sculpture Blade Holder No.5.21
Cutting Guider No.5.3

89             10


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