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Hot Knife Heavy Duty Cutter Bench Rope cutter

Overview: This high performance rope cutter performs cutting and seal at the same time .It boasts a fast processing speed of less than or equal to 10 seconds .
  • KD-9F
  • Canty
  • 60W 

Application: KD-9F   

  • KD-9F cut rope (nylon, PP), webbing, braiding tube, and cut and seal the edge of ropes.

  • With the blade front placed the operator does not need to raise his arms which can reduce the labor intensity greatly in long time operation.

Technical Data: 

Product Model


Supply voltage: 

230V/50Hz (110V/60Hz)

Power input: 


Long time operation



Power cord length:


Blade length: 


Heavy Duty Cutter5

About CANTY 

Changzhou Canty Electric Industry Co.,Ltd

As the earliest special manufacturer of heating cutter in China. Canty Electric Industry has been committed to the research and development of the products for 15 years.

Our products has been used in cutting EPS and XPS Foam, Synthetic Fiber rope, fabric, belting, etc. Originally we 

mainly produce AC tools and equipments. In 2013 we developed the leading Cordless foam cutter with Li-ion battery in the world. In 2015 we developed the outstanding function CNC Foam Cutting machine (with Turn table, Lathe). We also 

produced Mineral Wool Board Cutting Machine for building area.

With Canty you get Service, Quality and Innovation Heating cutter back by 15 years’ experience.


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  13961292672
  +86-519-85962300
  +86-519-85962311
  canty@hot-knife.cn
 8#,Jianye Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu
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